Thursday, October 25, 2012

Initial thoughts

Ok, here comes my initial review.  Of course this is several months after I actually started using the Dollar Shave Club razors.  Either way, I wanted to post the pictures I took of the packaging, as well as give some background info on my shaving experiences.

my face with example stuble
I have a course, dark beard.  I shave about every other day, due to some sensitive skin.  If I shave more often than that I get some serious razor burn and my neck looks like hamburger.

In the past I've used electric razors (15 years ago or so, high school/college time).  I tried the micro screen, which wasn't bad, but I had to work pretty hard to get a smooth shave.  I've tried triple head, which didn't do well on my neck because the whiskers go so many different directions.  I also had a hard time getting under my nose.  At some point I got a free trial of the "new" Mach 3 from Gillette.  I was amazed.  Now I like to have a nice smooth shave, so I typically shave one with the grain, and then finish up going against the grain.  Basically, a minimum of 2 passes on all surfaces.  This is the cause of some irritation, I understand.  I've read that to reduce burn and nicks, just always go with the grain.  But that does not lend well to a smooth shave.

Then I found the M3 Power razor.  Yes, a vibrating razor sounds a little foo foo, but let me tell you, it is nice.  For somebody with a course beard, where shaving is more like scraping, the very subtle vibration made the shaving experience MUCH more pleasant.  But after a few years, the M3 Power died, and I replaced it with just a standard Mach 3 razor handle again.

A set of four Mach 3 blades will usually last me 2 months, and since those suckers are expensive, I stretch them out WAY longer than I should.  Sometimes shaving with a border-line dull blade.

I've tried the 4 blade and 5 blade razors every so often, but found that the shave wasn't any better and the Mach 3 was good enough.  Then I tried out the Dollar Shave Club.

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